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Play Some Games And Win Cash Prizes

Official Info

Official Guide and Info Sheet for "Who Said That"

The lyrical scavenger hunt hosted here on



  1. Googling the lyrics, using shazam or any other third-party site to participate is prohibited.

  2. The lyrics may be found in the playlist under the lyrics or on the appropriate app where the playlists can be found.

  3. Sharing the lyrics, or any winning answers to anyone is prohibited.

  4. Using multiple email addresses to increase the amount of wrong attempts you are allowed, is prohibited.

Guidelines and Info

  1. Prizes that have been confirmed will be paid out with in 1 to 7 business days, depending on the availability of the third party used to order and process the gifts.

  2. Participation is invite only, meaning if you were not invited via a social media platform, you may have to contact us via any social media form, for an invite.

  3. There is only one winner per prize, once a prize has been claimed, the requirements for the prize will be changed / updated. It is possible you may get a correct answer that someone has already claimed. If the site was not updated at the time of your submission, the person who won first will still be awarded. 

  4. If there is no prize available, be sure to continue to listen to the catalog to increase your chance of being the first to win, once the prize requirements are updated.

  5. The daily maximum of cash prizes one person can win is (1), the weekly max one person can win is (3). In the same day a person can still when no more than (1) grand prize points game, with no weekly limit on grand prize point games. 

  6. We have the right to deny any prize at any time. If a prize is denied you will receive a written explanation as to why and how you can avoid having prizes denied in the future.


Any questions can be directed to 

@iFANm_Net on IG,

or via email (

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