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3 Ways to DOMINATE Cash Prizes

Getting paid to listen to music for most would be a dream job. But just like any dream job, competition can be quite intense. So here are some of the key things people do wrong, after signing up for iFANm. Avoiding these things will give you the advantage

1. The Tutorial Video

Many people think that if they sign up they'll get a check in the mail. Of course this is not true.

The next step after you sign up is to review the tutorial video. This way you will have a full understanding of how to participate and win cash prizes.

(these steps will be very clear if you watch the tutorial before you read the next section)

2. Wrong Answers

90% or more of the wrong answers we recieve are from people who use main stream songs as answers in our contest.

However, our lyrical scavenger hunts are only for the songs in our ifanm playlist. Use the playlist next to the lyrics to find the song that has those lyrics.

3. Not responding to Emails

We actually only pay 70-80% of winners because there are a small group of winners who may not reply to their "congradulations email." Its very important to check your spam and promotions folder to make sure you recieve updates.

Special Tip

This final tip is a great one. When the lyrics are not updated, its like down time. If you don't use that down time to listen to the playlist, you will need more time to find the songs when the new lyrics are posted. Listening to the playlist on a consistent basis will help you get familiar with artists who are often gifting prizes.


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