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Fire in the UnderGround

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Not many people follow artists BEFORE they blow up. But if you followed us on IG (@iAmMusicFanatics) or subscribed to our website, then you're more than likely one of those rare few. Here is a list of artists who we believe will make it big soon, as long as they keep up with their music and continue their posting to social media pages.

We've been following Oji ever since we discovered him in one of our Independent Artists Networks, earlier in 2020.

He always brings a unique taste to his posts whether its a photo or a well crafted video edit.

No doubt he is a very artistic and colorful underground rapper on the rise, in the alternative hip hop genre.

Very recently this year we've discovered @MelodyRyanMusic on IG after doing some promo work one of her tracks. Her page has a little bit of everything that represents her style as an alternative folk and soul singer.

This is what we imagine her IG page's checklist looks like.

Modeling Pose - Check

Performance Videos - Check

Silly Selphies - Check

Not to mention the candid pics of her laying around doing everything things, that she likes to share with her followers.

Yadul is another Alternative Rapper we follow who has a very captivating style and posts.

He can be seen on his page flexing, performing and in the studio dropping hits.

He came into our view sometime this year and we see nothing but shine in his future.

With his unique voice and catchy flow he has already been featured in two of our own post. Yadul Estrella is definitely the new wave.

Sad Rap is a sub-genre of hip hop that is taking over the scene. If you feel like times are ending then this is the genre that will make you feel complete as an underground music fan.

Keeping up with the alternative rap scene will definitely lead you to artists such as iPassedAway.

As you can see in his post, he is very busy making things happen for his independent career.

He shows no signs of slowing down as he is continuously adding momentum to the SadBoy the movement .

And last but definitely not least we have one of the strongest representatives of Hard Lyrical Rap that we know of, BagzDaRyda. Not only is his music on fire but so is your Instagram Feed if you follow him.

Bagz is a local powerhouse, killing the music scene as well the underground fighting scene in New York.

You can see him on his page shedding wisdom on philosophy and entertaining post about what goes on in his neighborhood as well as the world we live in.

If you haven't heard of BagzDaRyda yet, don't wait to long to show support. He is one of the artists that will soon be known everyone who considers themselves fans of Lyrical Rap and Classic Hip Hop vibes.


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