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Is iFANm A REAL Thing?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Are people really getting paid just to listen to music? That answer is both yes, AND no. iFANm does not simply pay people for listening to music, they reward fans of underground music who participate in underground music games and contest.

Just recently iFANm paid the biggest prize they’ve paid all year to their Summer End Contest winner, Nick S. (info can seen on the rewards page of the iFANm website.)

“It is an absolute pleasure to have rewarded young Nick with $800 for the PS5 coming out in November. Even though I don’t know him personally, I get the feeling he is a kid with a good heart and has worked hard to solve over 10 lyrical scavenger hunts. He deserves every dollar,” – says LucciDamus, the Chief Manager of iFANm_Net.

It doesn’t stop there. iFANm has a few members who are passionate about gaming. These members have made sure to include prizes that would benefit and excite gamers of all ages. New consoles, Shark Cards, Vbucks and many other perks for better gaming online.

But just like online gaming, the minds of these iFANm crew members can be over powered. Sometimes you have to be ready to solve a riddle or notice a hidden detail, to win big. After all, iFANm is about going hard, and being savage at life. So, you can believe they will not come up with a contest that is super easy to win.

This is why we were shocked to read the following statement from the Summer End Contest winner. “I am so blessed and honored, because today I found out on the @ifanm_net website, that I have won first place in a contest for the first time in my life..” – Nick S, iFANm Summer End Grand Prize Winner 2020. With the determination he showerd in our contest, we were surprised that he has never won a contest before.

Check the latest and most popular contest, the weekly game known as “Who Said That” for a chance to win prizes daily and weekly. This is not a game of chance, luck has nothing to do with it. If you are the type of person who likes music, and you have a dedicated mindset, then your chances of winning are very high.


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