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The New Cash Prize System

We made our lyrical scavenger hunt more simple and easy, now its a lot more competitive!

Not to mention a lot more fun as well. We created this game for people who love music to a have way to compete with others, for cash prizes. Here are the basics to how the game work. We'll post lyrics or clips of music and the first person to respond with the correct song AND artist wins that prize. Below are the details

How it Works

Step 1 - Follow our Instagram or Facebook pages to see the latest lyrics or clips posted.

Step 2 - Keep up with our stories, contest lyrics and clips are only posted there.

Step 3 - Use the songs in our Soundcloud Playlist to find the correct one.

Step 4 - Once you know the correct song, send us a dm on that story post.

Step 5 - Wait for our approval message.

Step 6 - After our approval message, let us know how you'd like your prize.


Rule 1 - No using search engines or shazam to cheat a win

Rule 2 - If you didn't listen to any music, don't guess. The more wrong answers you send, the more likely we'll block you for spam. Just to be fair to others.

Rule 3 - If you haven't received a response from our team yet, please do not spam us.

That's it, have fun and good luck.


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