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Who Said That Update 9.1

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

iFANm, the go to Music Playlist for UndersGround Artists, has made a few updates to their Lyrical Scavenger Hunt, "Who Said That"


Well, to be clear, the weekly limits on the spotify playlists points have been lifted.

This only applies to songs found in Spotify playlist, and the daily limit (one win per every 24 hours) is still active. So you can't win more than one per day.

This is a great update because now you can win SoundCloud Cash Prizes with out affecting your weekly limit. That means, you have more oppurtunities to play for the Monthly Grand Prize.

Addition of "Factors"

Pay attention to the IG stories (@iFANm_net) and keep up with your email. You may get an update about the

Monthly Grand Prize Points being worth more, than usual.

Generally you get (5) points for getting a Spotify Song Correct, but on days where the "Factor" is activie, you may be able to win 10 (2x), 15 (3x) or 20 (4x) points.

This upgrade allows you to catch up to Prize Leaders who have dominated the Leaderboard. Listen to the playist often to get familiar with the catalog so that when points are "Factored" you can win more points towards the Monthly Grand Prize.

Ups and Downs

You may notice the changes in the Daily Cash Prizes. Sometimes they're $10, Sometimes they're $50.

This is because iFANm's added an "up and down" feature to the daily prizes to make the gameplay more interesting.

Between this and the Monthly Grand Prize, some months you can win up $1000 USD or more.


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